Annette Olsen Caspeller
(previously Annette Lundbye Olsen)

  • B.A. in arthistory, minor in political science. Copenhagen University.
  • Teacher education. Haderslev teacher college.
  • Adult teacher education. Teacher college. Herning.
  • M.F.A. in graphic art. Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Graphic education. AArhus Art Academy.
  • Randers Artschool.


  • The International Miniprint Kazanlak at the Kazanlak Art Gallery in june to august 2022, where I also participated in the anniversary exhibition for the artists, whom was awarded with an honorary mention or a prize within the last 10 years.
  • The anniversary exhibition "I'm still in the game"  at  the graphic workshop at the Factory for Art and Design in Copenhagen, 2022. 
  • The 7th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro 2022 from the 10th of august - 30th of september at the museum of Douro., Portugal 
  •  The "Global Print 2021" at the Lamego and Douro Museum, Alijo, from the 10th of august to the 30th of september, Portugal. 
  • The 4th International Miniprint 2020, at the Proyect Arte Laguna Paiva, Santa Fe, Argentina. 
  • The he 5th Global Print at Douro Museum and Teixeira Museum from the 1st of august to the 30th of september 2021.
  • The  2nd International Engraving Triennial  at Alexandria City Museum from the 15th of marts- 15th of june 2019 in Romania.
  • The "Enter into Art" exhibitions at the following places; Museum Nicolaus of Cusa, from the 10th of february-7th of april 2019, and Cultural Center Cologne - Mülheim from the 17th of april to the 28th of april 2019.
  • 4th Global Print, Douro Museum and Teixeira Lopes Museum 1st of august to 30th of september 2019.
  • 2nd International Art Biennial "Nicolae Tonitza" at the Vasile Pârvan Museum, Bârlad, Romania 2018
  • 3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Engraving "Danubius" at the Art Museum Tulcea, Romania 2018
  • The 9th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro, Douro Art Museum, Portugal, 2018
  • The 3rd International Miniprint Biennial 2018, Proyect Arte, Laguna Paiva, Santa Fe, Argentina 2018
  • The 6th International Miniprint of Kazanlak,Kazanlak Art Gallery, and Pentimento Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2018
  • The 12th "Iosif Iser" International Contemporary Engraving Biennial Exhibition, Art Museum of Prahova Country, Romania 2017-2018 
  • The 5th International Miniprint Kazanlak, Kazanlak Art Gallery, Bulgaria 2017.
  • The "Incisione al femminile" at Atelier Controsegno, Pozzuoli, Italy 2017.
  • The 3rd International "Enter into Art" Instalations 2017, Germay at the Kulturbunker in Cologne, The Municipal Museum of Nassau and the Cultural Center "House Eberhard" in Diez, Germany 2017.
  • The 5th Biennial of Footprint International Competition at the Center of Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, USA 2016.
  • International Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak at the Fine Arts Gallery, Kazanlak, 2016.
  • The11th "Iosif Iser" International Contemporary Print Biennial at the Prahova Country Art Museum, Romania, november 2015-january 2016
  • The 2nd Global Print at following places in Portugal; Alijô, Braganca, Favaios, Fozcôa and Sabrosa from the 25th of july- 30th of september 2015, Portugal
  • International Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak 2015 at the Kazanlak Art gallery, Kazanlak, Bulgaria
  • The international exhibition "Incisioni al femminile" at the Atelier Controsegno, Pozzoru, Italy, 2015
  • The 7th International Printmaking Biennial Douro, Portugal 2014
  • International Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak 2014 at the Kazanlak Art Gallery, Bulgaria
  • Global Print 2013, Duoro & Lamego museum, Alijó, Portugal 2013
  • International online graphic Art Biennial, Split, Croatia 2013
  • Lessedra  World art print annual miniprint, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2007,2008, 2010
  • 28th,  29th, 31th &34th  Miniprint International Cadaques, Spain 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014.
  • International miniprint Graphium the 3rdedition, Timisoara Art museum, Timisoara, Romania, 2008.
  • Hvidovre juried exhibition, Hvidovre Hovedbibliotek, Denmark, 2008
  • The 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th  CAGO exhibition, Pusan Hall of Culture &  Pusan Museum of Modern Art Center, South Korea, 1997,1998,1999,  & 2001.
  • Tokyo International Miniprint Triennial, Tokyo Japan 2002 & 2005.
  • Grafik 02, Aalborg Kunstpavillons juried exhibition, Aalborg Denmark 2002
  • New Millenium juried exhibition, Koche Universitys Gallery, Kochsi, South Korea 2000.
  • 65th & 66th juried exhibition Japan Print Association, Tokyo Metropolitan museum of art, Tokyo, Japan 1997 &1998.
  • Asahi Beer juried exhibition of foreign art students in Japan, Tokyo 1996.
  • The 20th annual juried exhibition of Art Colleges Print Association in Japan, Machida City Museum of Graphic Art, Japan 1995.

Group exhibitions:

  • Enter into Art at Musum Nicolaus of Cusa, Bernkastel-Kues and Cultural Center Cologne-Mülheim, Germany from 10th of february- 28th of april 2019 
  • 2nd International "Enter into Art" installations 2016, Cultural Center Köln-Mülheim, Cultural Center House Eberhard, Municipal Museum Nassau, Germany
  • KGV's group exhibition at Niels Bohrs Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark 2015
  • KGV's group exhibition at Næstveds grafiske værksted, Denmark 2015
  • "Enter into Art" at the Køln-Muelheim Kulturbunker august 2015, Germany
  • Open studios exhibition at KGV, Fabrikken for Kunst & Design, Copenhagen, Denmark 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • “Wingfield Barns”, Eye, Suffolk, United Kingdom 2012 & 2014.
  • Gallery L`Etangd`Art, Bages, France 2011-12 & 2014-2015.
  • “Fundació Tharrats d´Art Gráffic”, Barcelona, Spain 2011 & 2014.
  • KGV Exhibition, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University 2011.
  • Convergence/divergence, Hong Kong Graphic Art Fiesta, Hong Kong City Hall, 2010 -11. China
  • Gallery GAL, Frederiksvaerk, Denmark 2010
  • KGV exhibition, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University, Denmark 2010
  • L’etangárt, Gallerie L’Etangd Árt, Bages, France  2008-9 & 2009-10.
  • Fundació Tharrats d’Art Gráfic, Barlecona, Spain  2008 & 2009
  • Wingfield Barns, Suffolk, England 2009
  • KGV exhibition, Kulturhuset, Islands Brygge, Denmark 2009
  • Farley’s Yard Trust, Chiddingly, East Sussex, England, 2008
  • Open studios exhibition at the Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010.
  • ”Dødssynder ”Gallery Artshare, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2006
  • ”Dødssynder” Gallery D’arijaus Papuosalai, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2005
  • KGV exhibition, Kulcafeen, Copenhagen, Denmark 2002.
  • Tama Art University exhibition of master of graphic art graduating students, Tokyo, Japan 1998.
  • Graduating exhibition of the 5 most respected Art Universitys in Japan at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art 1998.
  • 2 man show, Setagaya Art Museums Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 1997.
  • Aarhus Art Academy exhibition of graduating students, Musikhuset, Aarhus Denmark  1993
  • Poesi & graphics, in co-operation with the magazine ”Ildfisken”, Aarhus Hovedbibliotek, Denmark 1992.

Solo exhibitions:

  • Gallery Medborgerhuset, Valby, Denmark, 2004
  • Open doors, working exhibitions, Kulturfabrikken, Copenhagen, Denmark 2000.
  • One man show and art sponsoring at the short term  nursery home Saxild Strand, Saxild 1994
  • One man show, Vejlby Sognegård, Aarhus, Denmark 1992
  • Honarary mention at the International Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak 2014, Bulgaria


  • Litterature: A small timeframe of danish artists 2010
  • Visiting artist, Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA 2010
  • SGC graphic conference in Philadelphia, USA 2010
  • Artist in residence, Venice printmaking studio, Italy 2009.
  • Teacher at a workshop for people with recent attained disabilities, Saxild Strand, Denmark 1994.


  • KGV, Copenhagen  graphic workshop
  • Member of DBF (danish artist union)

Legacy etc.

  • Mombusho scholarship (national Japanese scholarship)
  • Skandinavian – Japan Sasekawa Foundation legacy
  • Aage Helfred Lundbyes legacy.


  • Drawing classes. Glyptoteket. Copenhagen.
  • New print methods at fabric.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, webdesign courses at the Graphic College.
  • Art history courses at the peoples University. Including the “paintings iconic element”, “Kandinskys spiritual element in art”, “Goethes color teaching”, “the basis symbols of art”, “Neuroaesthetic” etc.
  • Pouring medium course and Decoupage and acryllic painting at Annette Matinussen
  • Power tex course at LOF.


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