Annette O. Caspeller

Annette O. Caspeller is a versatile artist, utilizing both graphics, paintings, drawings and photos to convey her artistic universe and her strong fascination with organic structures or architectural visions. Often a a given topic is reflected in a series of prints or paintings. Only a smaller selection is shown of each series.

Artist statement:
My focus spans between organic and architectural visions. Better microscope cameras have revealed new worlds to humans and provided understanding of our world and all the underlying creations of it. On the other hand, my interest in architecture evolved when the wall broke down between East and West Germany and a lot of new interesting architecture arose with very interesting forms.
Technically I explore the boundaries between digital and analog print techniques. My aim is to combine them to get the best of two worlds and a more modern approach to the graphic art scene. Sometimes I combine both analog and digital techniques in a print, sometimes an analog print technique of mine is later developed to something different in a digital print. But still with my touch.


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